Anthony G Team | Sales Map

    The Anthony G Team’s Track Record

    “What am I looking at?!” you might say… Well, first off – what we have here is a map of The Greater Hudson Valley. Mainly, that of New York. We wanted to prove the successes we have had here at the team. Since getting into the real estate business in 2003, Anthony Gnagnarelli & The Anthony G Team- have helped nearly 500 clients & families buy, sell or invest in real estate.

    The blue markers are properties we’ve personally sold @ The Anthony G Team. They include both seller transactions and buyer transactions.

    Secondly, the orange markers indicate properties which are currently in contract. Again, these include both sellers & buyers.

    And lastly, the green markers are the properties or “listings” that we @ The Anthony G Team currently have listed for sale.

    All we are trying to show you, is that at The Anthony G Team- we list, sell and help locate some of the best real estate around! It would be difficult to find another agent or team that sells as much real estate and covers such a large area- like we do.

    (double-click, use your mouse wheel or your fingers on your phone or tablet- to zoom +/- . Click on them to interact where possible)